Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amigurumi golden deco-bunny!

I made a new bunny, this one is a deco-bunny: golden amigurumi bunny as a decoration for my daughter´s desk. In spring I made some ceramic buttons as well, in original way. It´s was quite funny, but it took a long time to do those buttons. Now I show you the first toy where I put this lovely ceramic button. I do love little things. This bunny is 8 cm tall. I used yarn: Brilla Filantura Di Corsa. For nose I used leather for the first time. I have always wanted to do so, but you know, thoughts come first:) For eyes I used 6mm black safety eyes.  

It has been probably the hardest work of all, because these toy parts of this yarn were so hard to join together. Maybe it was even harder to crochet because I created a new design at the same time. I had to concentrate a lot. I made this deco-bunny for 4 days:), but I want everything to be perfect. Now it´s ready and I am pleased. In real, golden bunny has really lovely golden shine. Bunny´s ears are little, something new for my style, I like to come-up with new ideas. Hope You love this new bunny. 

I have also one announcement. I am preparing for my first little exhibition in Tartu Toy Museum, in October. This is going to be a little overview of my work. Even it´s going to be in a little display there will be approx. 40 little handmade amigurumi toys. Welcome to Estonia! If You are not coming in to Estonia:), I´m going to show you my handmade amigurumi toys one by one in my blog. Enjoy!