Sunday, February 3, 2013

Year of the Snake, 2013, Free Amigurumi Snake Pattern

Free Amigurumi Snake Pattern

Soon, 10th February, Year of Snake begins, called also Water Snake and Black Snake!
I have made one Free Amigurumi Snake Pattern- you can download it for free.
This could be your first amigurumi project, beacause it´s easy to make, I´ll show you how to make "neat finish" as well and so on :)
Make one snake of your own!

Hand painted safety eyes

To make Your Snakes even more fun to do, I have made some hand painted safety eye sets to go with the pattern. Please find them on my Etsy Shop - TinyAmigurumi

Amigurumi Snake Pattern project -photos


Projects in Raverly. You can upload your photos of your ready made snake or you can just send them to me, I´ll put them here.

My Snake for the 2013 

Black Snake is here. I have done this before.

This time I made a blue verison, like a water, because I´m a waterman as a sign. 
I painted the safety eyes, looks like water with different layers. I crocheted one light blue line into the snake as well and put 2 perles near to the eyes. 
Yarn used: Madame Tricote, Germina (100% bamboo) and as I had 50 g of the yarn, I made the snake a bit longer.
Crochet hook: 2mm
This yarn shines! It´s soft and a bit glamorous as well.
Filling used: fiberfill

So get ready for the Year of Snake and make a nice gift for somebody! :)




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