Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine´s Day - Lucas The Teddy Bear

Happy Valentine´s Day! 

This is Lucas the Teddy Bear - my symbol of Love and Life!


  1. I purchased your Lucas the bear pattern however, my legs are "completed" but, it appears that it is only the foot. I have stopped at Leg: Line 14 23 sts. this is not a leg....can you help me to figure out what I am missing? Thanks!!

  2. Cindy: The pattern continues on the right side with a row 15 :)

  3. Thank you. Boy, do I feel silly!! Can't tell I'm new to this at all .... can you. lol

  4. We bought your pattern along time ago, and now have just found that you have got one with a waistcoat. We would love to make the waistcoats for our own, is there a pattern available? or would you know where I can get one from? Thank you

    1. Hi Sara, yes, made this little extra for him:) Unfortunately I don´t have the pattern implemented to the pattern. I was the very first attempt:), I should try to write it down, properly.