Monday, October 14, 2019

Lucas the Teddy Bear in process - Black one

Amigurumi Crochet Teddy Bear

I´m in the middle of crocheting new teddies, black ones this time.
In process.

PATTERN: Crochet Bear Pattern - Lucas
or in Raverly: Crochet Toy Patterns

HOOK SIZE: here 3mm

YARN: here Scheepjes Stone-Washed XL

EYES: here 8mm hand-painted eyes: I do have one set in my shop: Safety Eyes for a Teddy Bear

I also recommend a very good yarn if you want to achieve a vintage look:
Katia Cotton Merino

I have some helpful videos too: crochet video tutorials for Lucas the Teddy


  1. Hi,loving your blog and facebook page.I have just started Amigurumi and am well and truly hooked.I do have a little trouble with sewing up and getting the limbs on even.You are a very talented and generous lady.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Getting the limbs even takes practising and it depends (a bit) on a yarn you are using + sewing in a (very) good mood, lol

  2. Hola tengo el patron de Amigurumi Classical Teddy Bear Pattern , y no puedo tejer la cabeza me quede en la vuelta
    9-11) sc all around (42)
    12) 9 x [1 x Inc, 1 sc], 12 sc,
    6 x [1 x Inc, 1sc] (57)
    13) 1 x Inc, sc all around (58)

    queria saber si esta bien o hay algun error ?

    1. Everything is correct :)
      12) 9 x [1 x Inc, 1 sc], 12 sc, 6 x [1 x Inc, 1sc] (57), 9 times you´ll make 1 increasing and 1 single crochet, then continue with 12 single crochet, then 6 times: 1 increasing, 1 single crochet, you´ll get 57 sts together
      If you have any questions, please e-mail me! Thanks!