Saturday, October 31, 2020

Teddy Villem and Amigurumi Crochet Video Tutorials

Teddy Villem is a 4-way jointed teddy bear!

I'm using 16mm plastic joints for hands and 20mm joints for legs. Also available in my Etsy shop: Tinyamigurumi:  8mm eyes. 2.5mm crochet hook. Great teddy bear pattern if you prefer less sewing! 😉 Easy to follow. I tell you exactly where to place eyes, legs and arms etc. Printable.

I have crocheted toys for 10 years and I have learned many things along the way.

I´ve started to implement video tutorials into my pdf patterns for visual learners (there are also photos).

Many of them are also uploaded on youtube:

Now some illustrative videos which make part of the pattern.

For example:

How to attach ears in amigurumi 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Amigurumi Crochet Pumpkins - Free Patterns and Videos

Autumn Decor Project - Crochet Pumpkins

Autumn crochet means pumpkins! The falls season matches so well with handmade pumpkins – as pumpkins are the symbols of the fall season – crochet them in many colors and in many sizes. It´s like an addiction. That feeling when you just need to crochet some pumpkins. We all, crocheters (correct me if I´m wrong) do have yarns with what we don´t know what to do. Every year I crochet some pumpkins. I found a ball of burnt orange and here I go again.

I offer two free patterns as well. I yarn – wrap to give a shape to pumpkins

These amigurumi pumpkins are made using super-basic crochet stitches: single crochet stitch, increasing and decreasing so that they are a simple beginner crochet project and that can be worked up quickly.

SMALL PUMPKIN PATTERN Cute Crochet Mini Halloween Pumpkin

BIGGER PUMPKIN PATTERN Amigurumi Pumpkin Pattern


Crocheting a Pumpkin (part 1)

Crocheting a Pumpkin (part 2)

My pumpkin patch this year. Every year I give some as gifts and then I crochet some more. So if you are looking for a quick crochet project then this is something for you - Fun to crochet!

These crochet Amigurumi pumpkins also make cute gifts for any fall parties, fall fairs.

Get creative with your crochet pumpkins—you can even use so many different shades.

Some crochet pumpkins are crocheted the "wrong side" out. A bit different techniques. A bit fiddly at the end, but gorgeous result. So it´s a very versatile pattern.

Handmade pumpkins will bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the kitchen table as well.

Enjoy crocheting pumpkins!


Friday, September 18, 2020

Amigurumi Fun

Amigurumi Snails

How it all started. This is my very first amigurumi design. But to go even further. I used to paint and one of my favorite themes was to paint shells, all kinds. This painting for instance is from the year 2006. I don´t have many left, but luckily one is hanging on my wall. Took a photo with my amigurumi snails. Perfect match I guess :) This tiny amigurumi snail pattern was the first pattern that I uploaded on Etsy. And my first buyer was a lady from Australia. Greetings to Australia! :)


For me, amigurumi is one way to express myself. I like to take photos and make videos. God knows I have tons of them, I´m being more consistent with posting them for the past couple of months. :) Like many designers my mind works on another project when working on the current one. I´m more determined now and hopefully more proficient in posting them and inspiring somebody to start making toys. 

As said, this design is from the year 2010, in 2020 I also used poppers. 

Please have a look:

video Amigurumi snail when using poppers

Very cute I find

And the video how to coil up and amigurumi snail

One stitch away snail

You can see a lot more in one of my previous posts: amigurumi snails in process

This time I made 7 amigurumi snails in total.  What´s great about this pattern is that it is quite forgiving as to mistakes and you can use different colors, put your own creativity into work. They make such a lovely gift, children can play with them, they also make lovely decorations on your plants, etc. 

Amigurumi tiny snail is also available on my Ravely shop if you like to keep your patterns there. And it´s a plus, I can also see your projects. 

Using sew-on snap buttons gives the possibility to uncoil and coil them up again. I also show how to coil it up with yarn. 

And for fun:

When the snail fits it sits.

Instead of flowers maybe?!

And there is a thing that I haven´t mentioned before. You can just leave it like this. When a little break is needed at the office just coil it and let go of all the bad feelings. And then hop, it uncoils 

Thank you for stopping by


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Teddy Bears - Expressing yourself through crochet

 Amigurumi Teddy Bears 

Welcome on board! 

Photos of teddy bears to brighten up your day. 

All made with the design: Teddy Marta
Making process in my previous post: making teddy bears

Amigurumi toys are one way to express my creativity. I have been making amigurumi toys on and off for 10 years. It has become more a form of art. Yarn is a medium. I have hand-painted all the safety eyes for these amigurumi teddy bear toys. I painted a lot, now concentrating more on designing. This is something I am signed up for. I live to create with my hook, my hands, my imagination, that sometimes makes my brain hurt - there´s so much inside. Won´t deny it anymore. If something is worth doing, do it! If I win somebody else also wins. If I create, somebody else can also create, following patterns, and making crocheted toys. It is not just crochet you discover a lot of things about you: everything really: what drives you, what´s easy for you, what´s difficult, colors, emotions, shapes etc. You can actually make a physical object - for me, it´s important in nowadays world. So just print out the pattern and disconnect :):)

Let the toys speak instead

You may also find this pattern in my Ravelry shop
also can be found in Teddy Marta

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Amigurumi Crochet Snail Pattern

Crochet Toys - Snail

Etsy: Crochet Snail Pattern

Ravelry: Amigurumi Snail Pattern

Nice to see your projects and have a look at what the other crocheters have done. Tiny Amigurumi Snail

This is my very first amigurumi crochet toy pattern from years back, now with an updated version, DK weight included.

Crochet hook: 2,5mm
Size: approx. 10,5 cm/4,1 inc
Yarn: Ricorumi DK, DK weight /8 ply, on 10 pages! E
asy to follow pattern with lots of photos. I even included how to change the color, how to use poppers, and how to coil it up using the yarn, etc. 

I also made some videos: They can be found here: Amigurumi Video Tutorials

You can make these super cute snails including your own favorite colors. 

Why I like these crochet snails? I find them adorable, they are great toys for kids, they make nice gifts, and the end result gives such a great sense of achievement. Quite quick make as well. Also suitable for beginners - basic crochet stitches: single crochet, increasing and decreasing. 

You may want to add a little message while coiled up in one piece like seen here

Fun fact: it´s the same indoor plant I have had for a decade. Now slightly smaller. 

That´s an old photo of the year 2002 I believe :) 

And the process of making amigurumi toys

The process of making toys, actually designing them is a long process, but when you can hold it at the end and people get back you with their makes and positivity, it´s all worth it. And I will literally crochet for the rest of my life, hopefully. I was 6 years old when I understood that I like that world of toys, shapes, creativity, etc. My head is full of ideas, projects, etc. I see colors - I feel them. Crochet helps in so many ways. When your hands are working your brain is calmer. There´s so much noise around us, it helps to concentrate on yourself. 

There´s not much yarn needed for one crocheted snail. Cotton yarn is great, but why not to try with different yarns. As said. My pattern gives you at least two versions: how to work with fingering weight yarn (4 ply) and how to crochet your snail with DK weight yarn (8ply), Ricorumi DK here. 

Aren´t they just cute?

How can I see your makes with this pattern?

Please tag me on Instagram: @_happyamigurumi

Always happy to share!

And Ravelry: such a great place to upload your makes and tag it with the design. 

Thank you!


Friday, September 4, 2020

Teddy Marta - New Teddy Bear Pattern

At first, I have to go back to the year 2018

Then I came up with my very first jointed teddy bear pattern. I did both 4-way and 5-way crochet teddy bears: One name was Marta and another one was Villem. 

This is Villem that is 4-way jointed teddy bear and is waiting its turn to be published. I started off with Marta and it took incredible turns. 

And this is Marta from the year 2018

They made part of the same pdf pattern. This year I decided to make individual downloadable patterns (easily followed) for both designs and I started working. What actually happened is that the whole process took over and I came up with two versions of how to make a jointed teddy bear (also jointed at the neck) and not only. I did go even further. I continued to search ways how these TEDDY BEARS could be played in many years' time - meaning, how could they keep their shape and how to avoid the head to get floppy. As to the result, I was able to release the teddy bear pattern which is a very cute, simple design (wanted to keep that one) and could be used many times to crochet different teddy bears. And there is a very important thought behind this design - LESS SEWING - I know some crochet toymakers can´t stand that part at all. So this is something for them. Plastic joints are used and places, where to insert the ready-made body parts, are all marked in the pattern. 

And I must say I´m really proud of myself. Not because I did it but because I didn´t give up finding the best possible way for this cub like a teddy bear to be released as a pattern. It contains 25 pages and photos. Also videos on my Instagram, a short-cut to those: Crochet Video Tutorials to illustrate some steps and processes. Some crocheters are more visual and that´s why it´s useful to follow these as well. 

Some photos of the process itself (like 1%, hahaa).

Final Result. I have put a lot of time and testing into this design. Now you can purchase this pattern for a small thank you price

Fully Jointed Teddy Bear Pattern on Etsy

Teddy Marta Pattern on Amigurumipatterns


Jointed Teddy Marta on Ravelry

You may use the pattern all over again. Start making these artists bear like toys for loved ones but why not to challenge yourself or to start a little side-hustle to earn from your ready-made crocheted teddy bear toys. Everything is done for you. You may even purchase joint sets and my hand-painted eyes for this particular design. And always tag! Why? I may be able to share your work as well on my Instagram, FB etc. 

And I´ll come back for more posts and amigurumi toys. photos, videos etc.
Meanwhile, happy crocheting, and don´t forget to follow me on Happyamigurumi on Instagram
Why? Pic or a video per day! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How to mark a row in amigurumi crochet

You need to mark/count rows in amigurumi crochet to be able to follow a crochet toy pattern or crocheting in the rounds (spiral) in general.

Most common ways marking rows in amigurumi crochet.

1. Using yarn to mark rows. 

Personally, I don´t use any stitch markers or bobby pins, here you can see two methods I´m using to mark the beginning of a new row. And I use the same length of yarn left from the beginning. 
In short - I use yarn, sometimes a piece of contrasting yarn or just a scrap yarn. 

Moving the yarn marker along

I find it quite useful - you just carry your yarn along.
And it´s quite easy to go back if needed and to see exactly where you are. 
The downside for me is that you might miss the actual first stitch of the next round to work trough (has happened to me) when you fold the yarn over.

2. Bobby pin 

You may want to use a bobby pin to mark the first stitch of the new row in amigurumi crochet and just move it when you get back to the beginning. 

As I work very close to my crochet piece I find the bobby pin not so attractive to use - so long. It bends with my work but leaving a "baggy" stitch.
Bobby pin can be a little annoying on smaller sections as well. 

3. Stitch marker

Using a plastic stitch marker to mark the new row in amigurumi. One of the most common ways of making toys in the amigurumi style.

For me, it´s a bit annoying, the marker just gets in the way, and I have to remove it every row. Also, I find them hard to use in crocheting small amigurumi pieces. 

4. Other possible ways to mark rows in amigurumi crochet. 

I´ve seen other methods that I haven´t tried out myself like paper clips, a water-soluble pen, jewelry making stuff, etc.  

I dropped a question in a crochet group called Crochet Corner on Facebook.
and this is the top 4 ways that amigurumi crochet makers are using.
1. stitch marker
2. yarn
3. bobby pin
4. other ways

So the choice is yours. 

I suggest you try them all and find the best working solution for you or to change the previous method marking rows in amigurumi for the new technique. You may like different methods in crocheting different toys (size of your toy, yarn weight, your crochet hook, the color of your yarn, etc ) and I´m not talking about the garments, etc. 

You might start off with one method and change it when it seems it´s time to try something else. 
And the goal really is to make crocheting amigurumi toys more enjoyable and easy. 

And of course, what works best for you and why? Let me know in the comments!