Monday, October 14, 2019

Lucas the Teddy Bear in process - Black one

Amigurumi Crochet Teddy Bear

I´m in the middle of crocheting new teddies, black ones this time.
In process.

PATTERN: Crochet Bear Pattern - Lucas
or in Raverly: Crochet Toy Patterns

HOOK SIZE: here 3mm

YARN: here Scheepjes Stone-Washed XL

EYES: here 8mm hand-painted eyes: I do have one set in my shop: Safety Eyes for a Teddy Bear

I also recommend a very good yarn if you want to achieve a vintage look:
Katia Cotton Merino

I have some helpful videos too: crochet video tutorials for Lucas the Teddy

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Miniature Crochet - with only 2 grams of yarn

If you have only 2 grams of yarn left. I did crochet a miniature pumpkin. No use of anything and that´s why so cute :)
Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Capri and 2mm crochet hook, the tiniest amount of yarn for stalk as well.

I do have some pumpkin patterns and videos for mini pumpkin and for a bigger one.
mini pumpkin tutorial
crochet amigurumi pumpkin pattern: a bit bigger one
feedback is welcome!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Handmade Pumpkins - Amigurumi Crochet - Free Pattern with Video Tutorials

 How to crochet a pumpkin

Free Amigurumi Crochet Pumpkin Pattern by Happyamigurumi

What you´ll need: 

Yarn: Capri by Steinbach Wolle, Sport weight, cotton yarn, one ball of orange
some greyish cotton yarn for the stalk

Crochet hook: I used 2mm crochet hook, but you could use 2.5mm hook as well, I like my sts to be very tight and neat. 

Tapestry needle - doll needle to give a shape to your pumpkin

sc- single crochet
Inc- 2 single crochet into one
Invdec - invisible decreasing - 2 single crochet together. 

1) 6 sts. into magic ring (6)
2) 6 x Inc (12)
3) [Inc + 1 sc] all around (18)
4) [Inc + 2 sc] all around (24)
5) [Inc + 3 sc] all around (30)
6) [Inc + 4 sc] all around (36)
7) [Inc + 5 sc] all around (42)
8) [Inc + 6 sc] all around (48)
9) [Inc + 7 sc] all around (54)
10) [Inc + 8 sc] all around (60)
11) [Inc + 9 sc] all around (66)
12) [Inc + 10 sc] all around (72)
13) [Inc + 11 sc] all around (78)
14) [Inc + 12 sc] all around (84)
15) [Inc + 13 sc] all around (90)
16) [Inc + 14 sc] all around (96)
17-28) sc all around (96)
29) [Invdec + 14 sc] all around (90)
30) [Invdec + 13 sc] all around (84)
31) [Invdec + 12 sc] all around (78)
32) [Invdec + 11 sc] all around (72)
33) [Invdec + 10 sc] all around (66)
34) [Invdec + 9 sc] all around (60)
35) [Invdec + 8 sc] all around (54)
36) [Invdec + 7 sc] all around (48)
37) [Invdec + 6 sc] all around (42)
38) [Invdec + 5 sc] all around (36)
39) [Invdec + 4 sc] all around (30)
40) [Invdec + 3 sc] all around (24)
41) [Invdec + 2 sc] all around (18)
42) [Invdec + 1 sc] all around (12)
43) Invdec all around (6)

Giving shape: video tutorial: how to give a shape to a crochet pumpkin

How to crochet a stalk: photo tutorial 

And a mini pumpkin pattern

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Lucas the Teddy Bear - Crochet Toy Pattern

Amigurumi Teddy Bear Pattern 

White Teddy Bears
- Scheepjes Stone-Washed XL yarn. 3 balls (150 grams)
- 3mm crochet hook
- 8mm safety eyes, I used hand painted safety eyes that I paint my own.
Some sets available here: hand painted safety eyes
- size: 33 cm
one suggested way of crocheting body parts (tension may be different)
1st ball: legs, ears, a tail
2nd ball: a body, a hand
3rd ball: second hand, a head

Classic Teddy Bear Tutorial

There are also some useful crochet videos to help you along the way: how to add safety eyes, how to embroider the nose, how to stuff your teddy bear, how to assemble body parts etc. 
amigurumi crochet videos

I have used from 2mm up to 4,5mm hook size with this teddy bear pattern and it has always turned out great. I´ve created a design that looks lovely when tiny or big. 

White on white snow

Scheepjes XL: 70% Cotton, 30% Acrylic. Gives this a bit vintage feel that I like on my teddy bears because the design has this traditional and classic look. Crochet teddy bear that lasts. 

With different safety eyes and thread to embroider noses, you can create a whole new look. 

I have been designing and creating crochet toys for more than 10 years now and if I can use only single crochet stitch to create something like this (yes, it takes time, a lot more you think or I have ever anticipated  :)), it really fascinates me, the way how to create lovely and memorable crochet toys with only single crochet stitch. Personally, I don´t need fancy and complicated stitches to create something beautiful. I want to show you that with only single crochet you can crochet up a stunning teddy bear. Simplicity is my thing. Let the teddy talk :)

Please do share your versions with Lucas the teddy on Instagram or Ravelry using tags: #lucastheteddy or @_happyamigurumi. I´d be delighted to see them all. Thanks and see you in a short time with more crochet toys and patterns. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hope the Bunny - a bit more of this crochet pattern

New Crochet Bunny Pattern

One new crochet design has been published. Hope The Bunny on Etsy and Hope the Bunny on Raverly. Hope has been tested by 5 crocheters across the globe, as well as edited by a technical editor. 

Hope took a bit longer than I anticipated and gave me a bit of grief (like seen on the photo, constant "dialogue") but I´m really pleased with the outcome. 
Constant "dialogue" between me and Hope while designing.

This crochet pattern is easy to follow, including 28 pages with photos. In addition, the pattern also includes the tutorial for the vest. You may also find some helpful videos in my crochet video tutorials 

And what´s that thing with bunny´s tails? There´s definitely something. When kids are looking at my ready-made toys, they make sure there´s a tail. 

 And then those buttons, some of which are over 30 years old. 

a) Add a button loop with some ch sts (3-5, depending on the size of your button). Then you can button and unbutton your bunny´s vest or

b) You could sew on a snap-button or a fine ribbon to tie the two parts together.  

The crochet design progress on photos:

I mentioned in my previous post that designing simple things may be actually the hardest. I want to share some of the photos. Only a few to describe the process of crochet designing. They aren´t neat but will definitely show you the work behind designing Hope.

And some photos of the „real“ beginning.

At my desk. 

And now the question, why I called the design Hope? We all need love, faith, and hope, and when I started designing this crochet bunny, I knew I was going to do something new and full of challenges – Only thing I had was the drawing. I also had to find a new technical editor. Name Hope, this 4 letter name just popped into my head. Hope you also like Hope! 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

New Amigurumi Pattern - Hope the Bunny

New Crochet Toy Pattern - Hope the Bunny

Amigurumi Crochet Bunny Tutorial

I knew exactly how I wanted my new amigurumi bunny to look like: Idea of the head and ears being crocheted as one piece. 

Get yours:
Hope the Bunny on Etsy
Hope The Bunny on Raverly

Printable - Instant Downlaod

If you make your own bunny with this pattern tag me and Hope the Bunny by using @_happyamigurumi or #hopethebunny

I´d like to see your finished project. On you can upload photos of your finished work when using my pattern Hope the Bunny.
On Instagram: @_happyamigurumi or #hopethebunny

Technical Details:
This Amigurumi Crochet Bunny is crocheted in the round. Do not join rounds. Mark the beginning of your rounds with a stitch marker or safety pin. I use yarn to mark the rows, choose the best way for yourself.

Finished Size:
Using a 2.5 mm crochet hook: Approx. 20 cm/7.87inc

Tools and materials:
•     Yarn:  Approx. 50 grams of DK or worsted weight yarns. I prefer cotton or bamboo yarns, but acrylic, cotton or wool blend synthetic yarns will also work. (I used Rosarios4 and Bio Boolero in the example)
•     8 or 10 mm safety eyes
•     Polyfill stuffing

Skill level: Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate
This pattern requires knowledge of some basic crochet terms:
Crocheting in the round, forming a magic ring, single crochet stitch, single crochet increase, single crochet invisible decrease, slip stitch, working with back loop, and joining pieces together. 

Process of creating and making a new pattern. 
The ears won't look centered, they'll look a bit lopsided, which is part of the design (based on the specific breed). 
I was working a lot on this design. Creating something simple may not be the easiest task. Simple - cute - made out of 50 grams - head and ears in one piece - huggable - played with - great to grasp and touch - bashful - appealing to all ages - ideal for gift - displayed proudly - simply precious to hold for a long time - fun to crochet. The size was also important. I wanted to make easy to hold toy, a bedtime toy. Perfect size for little hands. 
Then explaining it all, taking step-by-step photos, trial-error-imagine-reimagine-improve- undo-remake and a lot of sticky notes all over the place. 

This has been a long journey for me and I hope you enjoy the pattern! You may also create many vests to button and unbutton. 
Pattern is tested by several amigurumi makers.