Monday, December 20, 2021

Crochet Ornament PATTERN - Angel Wings

Crochet Angel Wings PATTERN is out now!

Find The Pattern in my Etsy Shop

and in Ravelry

Cute Angel Wings that can me made really quickly. They make nice Christmas Tree ornaments, Garlands, Go-to Gifts. You can make cards using these angel wings etc. Actually this is a pattern that can be used all year round.  You may want to use different colors. 


Printable PDF Pattern ✅
Written Pattern ✅
Video-Tutorial ✅, more than 10 video tutorials to cover all the written part.
Instant Download ✅

PDF amigurumi/crochet pattern/tutorial which contains instructions for each round, and videos with the links to my Youtube channel, and follow-up service if you have any questions following the pattern. Comes in ENGLISH - US crochet terms. The printable file has 5 pages.

Finished SIZE:
with 3mm crochet hook: Approx. 6 cm/2,36

Yarn suggestion for 3 mm crochet hook: DK weight/Worsted Weight: Ricorumi DK, 25 g/ Ricorumi Lamé Silver or any other silver yarn. You can make 3 sets of angel wings with one little ball of yarn.
You may use bigger hook size as well: design won´t change.

I have other Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns I´ve created. With this lovely winter video I wish you all a Merry Christmas and see you soon with new crochet projects and adventures. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Crochet Pumpkins and Ghosts - No-sewing Amigurumi Patterns

Halloween Decorations for Fun-Filled celebration.

If you are looking for easy and quick Halloween and Fall crochet projects then this is a post for you.


Printable PDF Pattern ✅
Written Pattern ✅
Video-Tutorial ✅
Instant Download ✅

Cute Crochet Ghost

Crochet Amigurumi Ghost with Mini Pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins

Pumpkin Pattern

Decorate for autumn. All these patterns are easy to follow, they contain video tutorial and are made in a day. Crochet Ghosts and mini pumpkins make great gifts as well. You may create garlands, make them as toys, use different weight yarn and make them in different colors!

Have fun with them!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Lucas the Teddy Bear Pattern - Amigurumi Crochet Photo-Video-Written Tutorial - Classic Teddy Bear

 Crochet Amigurumi Teddy Bear Tutorial

It´s been almost a decade from creating a classic crochet teddy bear pattern called Lucas the Teddy
Here is one of the first post mentioning this: Teddy Bear

WHAT YOU´LL GET: Complete Tutorial

Printable PDF Pattern ✅
Written Pattern ✅
Video-Tutorial ✅
Photo-Tutorial ✅
Instant Download ✅

PDF amigurumi crochet teddy bear pattern/tutorial which contains clearly explained instructions for each round, many step-by-step photos and 17 videos and tips to make your crochet bear toy even more beautiful, and follow-up service if you have any questions following the pattern. Comes in ENGLISH - US crochet terms.

Some videos are visual and in some, I am explaining st by st what I´m doing. 
Two examples of these videos:

I would recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to crochet a teddy bear that really works out. 
It has become one of my bestselling patterns because of the fact just mentioned. 
Thank you to all crocheters who have purchased the pattern and supported my little business - made me feel seen. valued and accomplished. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Crochet Bunny Tree Pattern

Crochet Christmas Ornament Pattern

This Bunny with a Small Christmas Tree Pattern were my new designs for Christmas. I am super happy with these designs. Really. I hope to see many crocheted bunny trees and small fir trees coming alive also keeping next Christmas 2021 in mind. As always, an early start is important. I like to crochet small gifts during this time and I can crochet a bunny or a tree in a day. Perfect.

Complete amigurumi pattern: written text, photos, videos! Beginner-friendly
Instant Download
In English - US crochet terms - Printable PDF Tutorial
Use them as Christmas tree garlands, home decorations, small go-to Christmas gifts, Christmas fair goodies, etc.

Also with my Crochet Stocking Pattern they make all such cute Christmas tree Garlands!

1) Printable PDF crochet pattern/tutorial which contains clearly explained instructions for each round
2) Many step-by-step photos and tips to make your crochet even more beautiful
3) 12 Video Tutorials - links to youtube!
4) follow-up service if you have any questions following the pattern.

Finished Size:
Using a 2.5 mm crochet hook: Approx. 10 cm/3.94 inc

Yarn: Ricorumi DK, 3 colors

Crochet skill LEVEL: Easy
This crochet stocking pattern requires knowledge of some basic crochet terms:
Crocheting in the round, forming a magic ring, single crochet stitch, single crochet increase, single crochet invisible decrease, slip stitch.

Pattern By HAPPYAMIGURUMI © (2020)You are not allowed to sell this pattern. You are not allowed to distribute or publish this pattern in any form. You may sell finished products made with this pattern, provided you credit me as the designer

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Crochet Tree Pattern - Fir Tree - Video Tutorial

Crochet Fir Tree PATTERN 
Printable PDF Christmas Tree, Fir Tree Ornament Tutorial - Instant Download - Video-Tutorial - In English

This Pattern is on Etsy: Crochet Fir Tree Pattern
After purchasing the pattern you´ll have a PDF pattern with the clickable links to videos as well.

and also on Ravelry: Crochet Fir Tree Pattern

US Crochet Terms

What You'll Get:
- Printable Pattern Written Pattern
- Video Tutorials that cover the process of crocheting this tree ornament
- No Sewing
- No Stuffing
- Suitable for beginners as well.

Perfectly sized for Christmas Ornaments, Garlands, Decorations, Gift Wrapping extras, etc.
Crochet up a Cute Little Christmas Tree or more!
It's the fun part: you can use the same pattern all over again!

Approx. 6cm/ 2.36 inches
2,5 mm crochet hook (DK/Worsted Weight Yarn, suggested Ricorumi DK Cotton Yarn)
You may change the hook size and yarn if you want - design won´t change

Crochet skill level: EASY
You have to know all the basic crochet terms:
Crocheting in the round,
Forming a magic ring,
Single crochet stitch (sc),
Single crochet increase (Inc)

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Teddy Villem and Amigurumi Crochet Video Tutorials

Teddy Villem is a 4-way jointed teddy bear!

I'm using 16mm plastic joints for hands and 20mm joints for legs. Also available in my Etsy shop: Tinyamigurumi:  8mm eyes. 2.5mm crochet hook. Great teddy bear pattern if you prefer less sewing! 😉 Easy to follow. I tell you exactly where to place eyes, legs and arms etc. Printable.

I have crocheted toys for 10 years and I have learned many things along the way.

I´ve started to implement video tutorials into my pdf patterns for visual learners (there are also photos).

Many of them are also uploaded on youtube:

Now some illustrative videos which make part of the pattern.

For example:

How to attach ears in amigurumi 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Amigurumi Crochet Pumpkins - Free Patterns and Videos

Autumn Decor Project - Crochet Pumpkins

Autumn crochet means pumpkins! The falls season matches so well with handmade pumpkins – as pumpkins are the symbols of the fall season – crochet them in many colors and in many sizes. It´s like an addiction. That feeling when you just need to crochet some pumpkins. We all, crocheters (correct me if I´m wrong) do have yarns with what we don´t know what to do. Every year I crochet some pumpkins. I found a ball of burnt orange and here I go again.

I offer two free patterns as well. I yarn – wrap to give a shape to pumpkins

These amigurumi pumpkins are made using super-basic crochet stitches: single crochet stitch, increasing and decreasing so that they are a simple beginner crochet project and that can be worked up quickly.

SMALL PUMPKIN PATTERN Cute Crochet Mini Halloween Pumpkin

BIGGER PUMPKIN PATTERN Amigurumi Pumpkin Pattern


Crocheting a Pumpkin (part 1)

Crocheting a Pumpkin (part 2)

My pumpkin patch this year. Every year I give some as gifts and then I crochet some more. So if you are looking for a quick crochet project then this is something for you - Fun to crochet!

These crochet Amigurumi pumpkins also make cute gifts for any fall parties, fall fairs.

Get creative with your crochet pumpkins—you can even use so many different shades.

Some crochet pumpkins are crocheted the "wrong side" out. A bit different techniques. A bit fiddly at the end, but gorgeous result. So it´s a very versatile pattern.

Handmade pumpkins will bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the kitchen table as well.

Enjoy crocheting pumpkins!