Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tiny pink amigurumi bunny!

I´ve made a tiny totally pink amigurumi bunny. I also crochted a little bag to go with! A special gift for someone you love:)
I don´t have any pattern to follow, I make my own patterns, this is a joy of creating new tiny toys. You never know the result before you have finished your work. Sometimes I also have to make several corrections. It´s not the easiest way but it´s worth it!


  1. Laura, you do the BEST work!!! A true artist. Love the booties...have to make some :). I have used many of your patterns. They are my FAVORITE...excellently written, perfectly executed product. My grown children, teens, grands and great-granddaughter thank you for your fine work. Very happy are they!! Jo Ellen Morrow

    1. Jo Ellen! You have made my day! So nice to know I have true fans, keeps me going!!