Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amigurumi snail PDF pattern is ready!

PDF pattern, with 10 pictures to go with it is now available in my Etsy Shop. Little cute amigurumi snail is approx. 8 cm tall, made with cotton yarn: Hanna Cable, G.B. Wolle. Amigurumi snails are lovely handmade toys for children, for decorating your home plants, for a gift to a friend etc.

Thank You for Amiguria for testing my pattern: Amiguria

 Also a special thanks goes for Perlinavichinga for testing my snail pattern: Perlinavichinga

It´s always good to see how the same pattern gives different result - Everybody has his own style and a special touch! I usually use 2mm crochet hook but this pattern is adaptable for bigger hook sizes as well.


  1. My pleasure!!!
    Congrats to you for creating such beautiful amis!!


  2. Can this pattern be made bigger. Say, a kids toy stuffed animal size?

  3. Can it be made in a larger size?

  4. Hi Melissa, yes, it can be bigger by just taking a bigger crochet hook :) - design doesn´t change.