Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheburashka, when he was little...

..He could look like this:

and tiny as a matchbox. My version of Cheburaska toy (crocheted in amigurumi style) - little character in Russian children's literature by Eduard Uspensky. He´s also known as a cartoon character and a mascot. The tail is really nice, because he´s really kind-hearted figure. He is still very popular.

Cheburashka is made to be a key-chain for car keys:) I used 6 mm safety eyes as always. Cheburashka looks sweet -  Tiny crocheted toys are cute!

J´ai fait mon version de Tchebouraschka peluche. Tchebouraschka est amigurumi au crochet. Tchebourachka est  un personnage d´une histoire de Edouard Ouspensky. Tchebourachka est aussi le figure très connu et très aimé au série de films d´animation. Il est aussi une mascotte. Il est encore vraiment populaire.  Tchebourachka en Wikipedia
Il est vraiment petit comme boîte d'allumettes. Avec ses oreilles larges il est mignon. Tchebouraschka est fait comme porte-clé, un cadeau special.


  1. I loved it!! It's a super cute toy ;) I like Cheburashka since four or five years ago, when I found him on Internet. Bye!!

  2. With it´s big ears and cute look Cheburashka is a wonderful toy!