Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crocheted amigurumi sheep/Mouton amigurumi au crochet

Firstly, I have managed to open my pattern store both in Etsy and in Raverly.  I have been asked several times to make written patterns with my designs. Now the first one is done: amigurumi snail. For celebrating it, I made one amigurumi snail with lots of colours. It´s very hard work to make patterns, that is why I am very happy that the first one is ready, tested and available for other little amigurumi lovers:)

Secondly, I made an amigurumi sheep, a little version of the amigurumi sheep. For a 4 year old boy as a birthday gift. It´s 8 x 8 cm. I used the same size of safety eyes: approx. 1, 5 cm. Little sheep with extra big eyes:)
I like to draw as well, so it was quite appropriate to add a drawing of sheep as well. 

Premièrement, j'ai réussi à ouvrir ma boutique des modèles amigurumi dans Etsy et dans Raverly.  Maintenant, le premier modèle amigurumi est fait: escargot amigurumi. Pour le célébrer, j'ai fait un escargot amigurumi avec beaucoup de couleurs. Il est très difficile de créer les modèles, c'est pourquoi je suis très heureux que le premier est prêt, testé et disponibles pour d'autres qui aiment les petits créations amigurumi.


I used brown cotton yarn and this yarn is a bit stronger than the normal cotton yarn. I have promised to make one amigurumi sheep pattern as well, now there´s two options: right now I would even make the tiny one:)
These tiny yarn animals are perfect gifts for young children, they are always very happy to receive those crocheted handmade toys. I like the saying that you should offer something you would like to receive yourself. I would like to have this crocheted sheep:) I have two kids, they are very happy to offer this kind of gifts for the others.
J'ai utilisé un fil de coton brun et ce fil est un peu plus fort que le fil de coton normal. Ainsi, j'ai promis de faire un modèle de mouton amigurumi , il y a maintenant deux options: en ce moment, je dirais même le petit:)

Ces animaux minuscules au crochet sont des cadeaux parfaits pour les jeunes enfants, ils sont toujours très heureux de recevoir ces jouets faits à la main au crochet. J´aime offrir quelque chose que  j ´aimerais recevoir
moi-même. Je voudrais avoir ce mouton:) J'ai deux enfants, ils sont très heureux d'offrir ce genre de cadeaux pour les autres.

I like to create little toys!
J'aime créer des petits jouets!


  1. I love your snail!!!! this sheep is very cute!

  2. Airali, Thank You for your lovely comment!

  3. Ooh, this tiny sheep is just perfect! I hope you decided to make a pattern for it. Is is available somewhere?

    1. Hi Christiane: Thank You for you comment, I have one version of this sheep in my Etsy Shop: if you are interested in:)

  4. Hello, I would like to purchase the offer of 4 patterns you have in your etsy store, but wanted to know if you can change the pattern of the crocodile pattern rabbit, since they are the same price. I hope your answer for purchase. Thanks Maria Veronica.