Friday, November 18, 2011

For Just Film Festival: Mascot

 I made some handmade mascots for Just Film Festival: this is a film festival of childrens and youth films.

Tiny crocheted amigurumi toys, approx. 5-6 cm. A bit soft, handmade toys, filled with wool. I used plenty of colours! They are brooches and there are also some key-rings! Little naughty and cheerful creatures. Have a long and beautiful life! Hope fans will love those tiny mascots! There are 14 of them. And now: Let´s go see some films!:)

Just Film
 J´ai fait quelques petites créatures - de minuscules jouets amigurumi au crochet, env. 5-6 cm, pour un film festival: Just Film: les mascottes! J'ai utilisé beaucoup de couleurs!
Il y a des broches et des porte-clés. Ils sont joyeux et un peu vilains! J´espère que les fans vont adorer les mascottes! Il y en a 14. Allons voir des films!