Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amigurumi Elephant Pattern

Amigurumi Elephant Pattern: Mio the Elephant
I want to present a new pattern to you. I have designed amigurumi elephant pattern.

And of course, special thanks goes to Amanda for helping me in editing.
And then Mio the Elepahant will be available in my Etsy shop. So keep an eye on this shop, won´t be long. This pattern contains many many photos and descriptions to make your project enjoyable and fun to make. This toy is perfect as cuddle toy and handmade toys are great - they have this something you don´t have with other toys.
Some photos of the elephant, hope you like him. Making a girl as well with skirt with the same pattern as a base. Will show it too.

I  used 2mm crochet hook and Katia Bamboo yarn, hand painted safety eyes (by me), 16mm, some felt for ears. I made the head and a trunk in one piece :) - I like the result.
8 pieces and two colours. I also made a little tail :) Elephant is approximately 25 cm tall/9,8 inches

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