Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New PATTERN: 2 in 1 Mio the Elephant and Mia the Elephant

New Amigurumi toy design : Elephants 

I´m happy to present a new pattern. 
I made Mio the Elephant Pattern as the main pattern witch comes with 49 photos and 32 pages and Mia the Elephant (additional pattern) with 8 photos and 9 pages. 
Measures: with 2mm crochet hook: approx. 25 cm/9,8 inches  

With these patterns you may make several versions: change colours, make different eyes, add accessories, change pattern (trunk size) etc. - plenty of reasons to make one.

These patterns are avalable in my Etsy shop: TinyAmigurumi 

Suggested yarns: Boolero Rosarios 4, Katia Bamboo and Bio-Baumwolle. These are yarns I have used and they are really good. In Amigurumi making I always use 1-2 size smaller hook than indicated on the label. For example: Katia Bamboo (3,5/3.75mm crochet hook), I used 2mm crochet hook.
I used safety eyes: 16 and 16mm, painted by myself. 

I have to say if I´m looking my son, who is 4 years old, his special toys are: one cuddly bunny (so simple but he adores this one) and now the blue elephant. And my daughter who is almost 9 likes everything I do :)- She makes me lists and lists of toys I should make for her :)

Baby-safe toy

I also made one elephant to be so called baby-safe, I didn´t use safety eyes but tried something else. I also used Bio-Baumwolle yarn. I have always used safety eyes and I paint them as well to have unique effect, but if you make a toy for a little baby then again one version how to make eyes - you´ll crochet them and sew them on.

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