Saturday, December 13, 2014

Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

I was nominated for the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop by Lilleliis. Thank you very much! I´m going to anwer to 4 questuions asked.

Why do I do what I do

I do what I do because I can´t live without creating, I need to come up with new things, I enjoy beautiful things and passion towards toys keeps me going. I love these emotions I´m getting of creating. I´m really thankful if my toys are wanted or my patterns tried out.

How does my work differ from others of it´s genre

I started with very small amigurumi animals. I wanted them to be perfect which means quality in every step of the way and a lot of time. The word "production" has never been my thing. I´ve always wanted to do less but with the best quality I can give at this very moment. I have created keychains, brooches, cuddle toys, personalized and unique gifts for all events and occations. I´ve always wanted to create something simple but cute, if I manage to give the character to the toy  then I´m very happy. If somebody says that my toy, which was ment to be played with, is having a special spot (on a shelf for instance), because it´s too beautiful, then what else should make me more happier...

How does my creative process work

I have now created toys for almost 5 years. I have always tried to do things with the meaning. Everything starts with an emotion, I have to want to make something new. I have to like it what I´m doing. I´ve even noticed that if I´m not in a good mood, things won´t come out like wanted. This is one interesting thing about creating toys, you have to be in a good mood :)
But in general, quite often my children say what they would like to see and have and then off we go...

What am I working now

I´m learning something new, jointed teddy bears, classical ones, made from real mohair. I´m interested in collectible toys. Would like to try myself :)
Bus as to amigurumi, just now I can present bunch of owls. They are ment for the Charity. And a free tutorial, if needed, for others as well :) A nice little project, why not a week-end project for little gifs,  Amigurumi owl pattern

Here are my nominations:

I would like to give it forward to Coco and to Airali
I have always liked "French touch" - à la francaise et chic, she has is and I love it - with a STYLE!
I like the way how Ariali presents her work, always ENJOYABLE!

Founded one photo of a bunny made for a girl also called Laura, but the bunny was made before Laura came into this world. I wish you happy holidays! Hopefully the photo reflects my wishes to you all...warmth!