Sunday, January 25, 2015

Amigurumi Totoros: Grey, Blue and White Crochet Totoro

Me and my kids we like to watch Japanese animations and one of our favourite animation is the classical one: My Neighbor Totoro which we were watching during the Christmas Holidays. Great animation - wonderful magical creatures. My children, of course, wanted me to make them all when I said I could make a Totoro for them! 
We went to a yarn shop and my 5 year old son especially liked the Alpaca silk yarn (Austermann Alpaca Silk). Considered done! Now they are ready to be presented.
I took Lucy´s patterns and started with Grey Totoro Pattern, tummy I made my own, didn´t follow the pattern. Then I did the Blue Totoro, again, tummy wasn´t done by the pattern, I also changed the ears, took grey´s Totoro pattern. And finally the little White Totoro, I followed the pattern down to ears and then attached the ears into one piece with 3 chainstitches between and continued, a bit different than shown in the pattern. Now I´m glad they are all done - they are lovely and why not to make some animation characters. If you´d like to make your own Totoro, could use the mentioned patterns above. I used 2,5mm crochet hook, 10mm black safey eyes a lot of fiberfill stuffing.
Now could enjoy the movie over and over again! :)


  1. Aww!!! Totoroooo! I'm a fan of Totoro!! I just can knit scraft and can understand crochet. You're so good. Look at them, how cute they are~~~ Awww
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  2. Would you mind sharing your own version of the tummy patterns and the ear pattern for the blue one? They are so cute!

    1. JC, ears for blue Totoro, I used Grey Tototro´s ear pattern As to tummy, I improvised, I wanted it to be with a curve. Just tried it "on" and continued row by row. Totoro is my favourite cartoon character :)

    2. Thank you so much! The blue ears look slightly smaller but maybe that's just me :) Totoro is awesome!

    3. Totoro is awesome, can´t agree more :)

  3. Love your work. Just one question, how tall an wide are they with à 2,5 mm hook?

  4. Grey Totoro is 26 cm, Blue Totoro is 23 cm, White Totoro is 11 cm, hope it helps (no wider than 13 cm).