Saturday, March 25, 2017

Arnold the Penguin - New Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Penguin Pattern - Arnold the Penguin - Make Your Own Gorgeous Penguin

Something new for penguin enthusiasts.
When I designed Cara and Milo Penguins at the end of the 2016 then I wanted to make a little amigurumi penguin as well. Arnold the Penguin was born and now the pattern is available in my Etsy Shop. If you like penguins then you could give it a try. It´s a digital download and printable.
I used Drops Air as the main yarn for the penguin and 2,5mm crochet hook, hand painted 8mm dark- blue eyes, but simple black eyes will do the trick. 
This crochet penguin is a weekend project really and can be customized with different type of scarfs. Perfect for gift. For light grey scarf  I used Drops Puna and it was crocheted trough back loops only.

 He´s soft and has a cute "just hug me" look. 

Arnold also has a little tail :) 

and for the grey-red scarf version I used a crochet tube with a craft wire inside. It makes the scarf bendable and allows to give a wind effect.

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