By my Patterns

Little gallery of creations where my pattern designs are used.

All photos and links are welcome:

 by Edeli Oeselg

by Egle Audova

by Antoinette

 by Maria

by Aet

 by Amiguria

                                                 By my Amigurumi Cuddly Bunny Pattern

by Leah

By my Amigurumi Teddy Bear Pattern

by Made in monty

by Eline

 Made by Pia

 by Aet

 By Berit, she added a lovely dress, name and little butterfly as well:)

 By my Amigurumi Crochet Crocodile Pattern

by Perlinavichinga

By my Amigurumi Crocodile Pattern with my Hand Painted Eyes

 by od2


 by Kirsika (for kids in the nursery school)

by my Amigurumi Tomato Pattern

 by Kathryn

by my Free Amigurumi Snake Pattern

by Kathryn

By eliiina

by my Amigurumi Puppy Pattern



By "Lucas the Teddy" Pattern

ADToys makes handmade toys. Great shop, if you want to buy a ready made Lucas the Teddy.


 by Klarabela

by Susan Sutton


 by Maria Kružliakova

by Merry Land

 by Maria Kružliakova

 by Maria Kružliakova

by Kelsey Quinn

by Tanya Rudman De Sousa

by Thimblepins


by jamie bultemahuisman

 by Coraline

by my Bunny Brooch Pattern




  1. loretta 12/11/2015
    very cute collection. Thank you for sharing your work.
    I appreciate all of your hard work,then sharing it.

  2. bonjour Laura, j'aimerai crocheter un Teddy pour ma petite fille, comment faire pour avoir les explications, merci
    je vous donne mon mail

    1. Mireille, quel teddy vous avez en tete? J´ai tous les patrons ici :, mais en anglais, sauf escargot, je pourrais vous envoyer les abréviatons en francais (séparement par e-mail)