Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cute little amigurumi bears! /petits ours amigurumi

Cute little amigurumi bears! They are really tiny as you can see, there are two bears on my hand:) Difficult to make, they take a lot of time but they are worth it! Golden one is going to be a brooch!
These little amigurumi bears are ideal gifts: original and pretty!
I´m going to write down my amigurumi patterns, they will be soon available!

Ours amigurumi, assez difficile à faire mais ça vaut la peine! Ils sont mignons!

Petit ours amigurumi pourrait  être un cadeau d´anniversaire ou de naissance idéal, à la fois original et joli!

Les modèles amigurumi, ils seront bientôt disponibles!


  1. All your stuff is absolutely adorable!! I'm looking forward to see the patterns~ will you be making patterns for the bunnies and kittens as well?

  2. Thank You very much!
    Yes, I´m planning to write down all my old and new amigurumi patterns:). They will be available in the beginning of the summer - just have to wait a little bit more- but yes, kittens, bunnies as well:):)
    So please visit my happyamigurumi website!