Thursday, November 8, 2012

Amigurumi Puppy PATTERN - Crochet Dog Pdf Tutorial - now available

Great news: Cute Amigurumi Puppy Pattern is now available. Welcome!

You can use different yarns and hooks. I used Katia Bamboo
for brown version and Madame Tricote Germina 100% bamboo yarn.
I like these yarns a lot.
I used 2mm crochet hook
6mm safety eyes
fiberfill for filling

Brown version!

Pink version!

I always try to use simple eyes and noses when making new designs, because this gives the natural look to the toy and people can add different eyes to make their own puppy perefect. I like simple designs, also because you can add a little felted heart or some fabric, some ribbon and so on...

Testers, a special thanks to Anna and to Nancy! You can look their projects in here: amigurumi projects.

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