Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How to mark a row in amigurumi crochet

You need to mark/count rows in amigurumi crochet to be able to follow a crochet toy pattern or crocheting in the rounds (spiral) in general.

Most common ways marking rows in amigurumi crochet.

1. Using yarn to mark rows. 

Personally, I don´t use any stitch markers or bobby pins, here you can see two methods I´m using to mark the beginning of a new row. And I use the same length of yarn left from the beginning. 
In short - I use yarn, sometimes a piece of contrasting yarn or just a scrap yarn. 

Moving the yarn marker along

I find it quite useful - you just carry your yarn along.
And it´s quite easy to go back if needed and to see exactly where you are. 
The downside for me is that you might miss the actual first stitch of the next round to work trough (has happened to me) when you fold the yarn over.

2. Bobby pin 

You may want to use a bobby pin to mark the first stitch of the new row in amigurumi crochet and just move it when you get back to the beginning. 

As I work very close to my crochet piece I find the bobby pin not so attractive to use - so long. It bends with my work but leaving a "baggy" stitch.
Bobby pin can be a little annoying on smaller sections as well. 

3. Stitch marker

Using a plastic stitch marker to mark the new row in amigurumi. One of the most common ways of making toys in the amigurumi style.

For me, it´s a bit annoying, the marker just gets in the way, and I have to remove it every row. Also, I find them hard to use in crocheting small amigurumi pieces. 

4. Other possible ways to mark rows in amigurumi crochet. 

I´ve seen other methods that I haven´t tried out myself like paper clips, a water-soluble pen, jewelry making stuff, etc.  

I dropped a question in a crochet group called Crochet Corner on Facebook.
and this is the top 4 ways that amigurumi crochet makers are using.
1. stitch marker
2. yarn
3. bobby pin
4. other ways

So the choice is yours. 

I suggest you try them all and find the best working solution for you or to change the previous method marking rows in amigurumi for the new technique. You may like different methods in crocheting different toys (size of your toy, yarn weight, your crochet hook, the color of your yarn, etc ) and I´m not talking about the garments, etc. 

You might start off with one method and change it when it seems it´s time to try something else. 
And the goal really is to make crocheting amigurumi toys more enjoyable and easy. 

And of course, what works best for you and why? Let me know in the comments! 

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