Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amigurumi toys - free snake pattern

Hi, I have made amigurumi patterns for some time now. My shop on Etsy: TinyAmigurumi just had a birthday: 1 year.
I´m going to share my amigurumi snake pattern for free. Enjoy! 

Free amigurumi snake pattern

Amigurumi snake is crocheted in the round.  Do not join rounds. Mark the beginning of your rounds with a stitch marker or safety pin. I use the same yarn left from the beginning, choose the best way for yourself how to mark the rows. You will have lots of photos to help you!

Size: with 2mm crochet hook: 40 cm

 Tools and materials what you´ll need:

Cotton yarns, 10-12 mm safety eyes with slit pupil, for filling: preferably sheep wool or fibrefill. Stuff gradually.

Crochet skill level:

Confident beginner: requires knowledge of basic crochet terms: Crocheting in the round, forming a magic ring, single crochet stitch (sc), single crochet increase (Inc), single crochet invisible decrease (Invdec).


“Magic ring”: adjustable loop with 6 sc, pulled together tightly, there is no hole left.

“Neat finish”: one method to finish a toy piece in amigurumi.

Abbreviations used: Sc – single crochet; Inc – increase; Invdec – invisible decrease.

1) 6 sc into magic ring

2) 6 x Inc (12 sc)

3) 12 x Inc (24)

4-5) sc all around (24)

6) [1 Inc, 11 sc] x 2 (26)

7) [2 x Inc, 11 sc] x 2 (30)

8-9) sc all around (30)

10) 23 sc, 1 Invdec, 5 sc (29)

11-14) sc all around(29)

15) 2 x Invdec + 11 sc, 2 x Invdec + 10 sc (25)

16-17) sc all around (25)

(attach safety eyes: look photos 2-6)

18) 1 Invdec, 11 sc, 1 Invdec, 10 sc (23)

19) 18 sc, 1 Invdec, 3 sc (22)

20) 6 sc, 1 Invdec, 14 sc (21)

21- 82) sc all around (21)

83) 1 Invdec, 19 sc (20)

84- 88) sc all around (20)

89) 8 sc, 1 Invdec, do the same (18)

90- 99) sc all around (18)

100) 1 Invdec, 7 sc, do the same (16)

101-107) sc all around (16)

108) 6 sc, 1 Invdec,  do the same (14)

109-115) sc all around(14)

116) 1 Invdec, 5 sc, do the same (12)

117-121) sc all around (12)

122) 6 x Invdec (6)

Do the „neat finish“: photos 10-13 

1. Here you can see how I use yarn left from beginning to mark rows.

2. If you use safety eyes, place them between the 12 th and 13 th rows, do this once you have completed the 16 th row. I would advise you to make pre- holes with the end of your crochet hook for easier insertion.

3.Here You see safety eye without the washer.

4. For easier placement I push the washer with two fingers at the same time.

Before attaching the washer be sure the eyes are in the right place because you can't make changes once the washer is on.

5. Here You´ll see the safety eye after attachment.

6. Now You can stuff, You can use the other side of the crochet hook. Stuff the head really tightly.

7. 1/3 of the work is done. Stuff gradually.

8. I also use another yarn as a row marker, because the yarn of the beginning is now too short.

9. Finishing the snake: it´s a bit hard to crochet and even harder to stuff. Again I use the other end of the hook. I use wool for stuffing.

10. At the end, I cut the yarn and start to make „neat finish“. For that I pick up all the sc left, one or two at the time and…

11.I pull them together, this creates a neat finish.

12. Then I start to hide the yarn.

13. Then You´ll have a neat finish.

14. Properly hiding the yarn gives toys a better finish.

15. You can embroider your snake as You wish. 

Well done, Your snake is ready!

Kids will love it and not only...:)

Feedback and comments are always welcome!
Please, if You use my pattern, refer to my site. Thank You!

Special thanks to Leah and Kathryn who tested my snake pattern in English.


  1. I was looking for a snake pattern amigurumi gift.
    I found it here.

  2. Would it be alright to sell the snake, giving you credit for the pattern, on Etsy?

    1. Hi Iris, yes, I would be most grateful if you do credit!:)