Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amigurumi snail pattern

I´m going to tell you a little about my amigrumi snail pattern.
I  think my first version was (on my Estonian blog): amigurumi tiny snails and I have other posts: amigurumi tiny snails and here: amigurumi snails.

Now I show you my last two ones, I took my amigurumi snail pattern and made two colourful versions. I just couldn´t resist :)

hook: 1,5mm (pattern: 2mm hook) for body
hook: 1,25 for antennae
stuffing: wool
yarn: Hanna Cable, GB. Wolle
eyes: 6mm black safety eyes
size: 7cm/2,8 inches

About my snail pattern 

It was my first pattern I have created for my Etsy Shop: TinyAmigurumi. I have made many versions (bigger, smaller, but the same design) for this pattern. For now I use only my very first original version. I like this one the most. And you can change the size as well.
When I started to make my first snail I thought maybe I will make it in one piece, how to do that? Personally, I like simple designs. But it´s not always easy to create something simple:) And then I came up with the idea to make the snail body and head in one piece. I like this amigurumi snail pattern, because it´s easy, beginner level and you don´t need so much time to make it. Amigurumi snail is in one coiled-up piece plus anteannae (2). I used 2 mm hook and GB Wolle Hanna Cable yarn to have this really tiny amigurumi snail. But this pattern is also great, because it´s adaptable for bigger crochet hook sizes as well. For example, when tested, even 3,5 crochet hook was used.
And what is great, you can change colours wherever you want and when you want to have pretty different results. Why do I like handmade toys? I like them because every toy has his own look, even I use the same pattern, even eyes are placed in the same place and so on...handmade toy somehow gets his own life...it´s great...you don´t see it...but you can feel it.

Why do I like crocheted snails? 

I think there are different reasons. They can be lovely decorations in your home on palm trees. Little kids find them adorable and they are not afraid of them. These little snails are excellent as a little gift for a friend etc. So, I find plenty of reasons to make one.

Great news: 

My snail patten is now available on the biggest amigurumi patters site: http://www.amigurumipatterns.net 
You will also find my amiguurmi crocodile pattern 
and one pattern for free: free amigurumi snake pattern

If you want to buy my pattern you can also make the payment directly via paypal.  Email me: Laura.Sillar@gmail.com


With great emotions!


Pour le moment, le patron d´escargot est en anglais, mais j´espère que dans quelques semaines vous trouvez mon escargot aussi en français: Tinyamigurumi sur a littlemarket.comet aussi bien des autres choses :) Pentientez encore un peu :D


  1. It's really adorable! And I really know what you mean when you say simple can be difficult to achieve ;)

  2. Thank You!I sort of "rediscovered" my own pattern - simple is cute!

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    1. CocoFlower, merci, c´est très gentille de toi!