Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working on Bunny Brooch Pattern

Now, finally, working on a bunny brooch, it´s really tiny one - fits in palm of hand. Lot of work but original, little toys as brooches. Fantastic enough to make one. I´m making a phototutorial with many photos (over20). I have promised the pattern for couple of years. I´m making a little gift bag to with it, as usual, to have a perfect gift to someone special. I have made several toy brooches and now making patterns available for you as well.
I used 1,5 mm/Usa 7/UK 2,5 crochet hook.  
8 pieces needed for the bunny: 4 legs, 2 ears, a head, a body.
Pattern is in English
32 step by step photos
And of course, who feels happy to try/test the pattern, please let me know by e-mail.
For testing preferably a native speaker
And I´d prefer someone who would be able to use max. 2mm (metric) crochet hook to have same result, but you can use the pattern with bigger crochet hook size as well, to make it as a little toy not a brooch.
Thank You!

And crochet gift bag pattern to go with the bunny :

Final result


  1. lovely and in my fav.color!
    nicely done!

  2. so lovely and in my fav.color!

  3. Oh, it's so adorable *o*... I'm sure the person you wil give this to will be very happy.

    I like the eyes and the button <3

    1. Hi, Thank You, the button is also handmade, real ceramic button :)

  4. Question~! Is the pattern available?? It's so adorable! ^-^

    1. Hi, in couple of days (with the free gift bag pattern) :)

  5. What weight yarn do you use for this bunny? He is adorable and I'm considering buying the pattern from your Etsy shop.