Thursday, February 4, 2016

Preparations for Valentine´s Day: Crochet Heart, Free Amigurumi Pattern - Toast to LOVE!

Amigurumi Heart - Free Pattern 

I´ve created a lovely little heart design, easy and a quick  make. They can be individual gifts, accessories (hair ties, also shown in this post) or decorations for gift bags. You just name it, enjoy!
Printable PDF + Videos can be found in my Etsy shop:

Crochet Tutorial:


2,5 crochet hook
Yarn: Katia Bamboo, DK/8ply
yarn needle

Abbreaviations used:

"magic ring": crochet over an adjustable loop with 6 single crochet, then pulling on the yarn tail until there is no hole left
"Neat finish"- one method to finish a toy piece in amigurumi. See the photos below.

Sc - single crochet
Inc - Increase
Invdec - invisible decrease

1) 6 sc into magic ring (6)
2) 6 x Inc (12)
3-4) sc all around (12)
fasten off

make another one:

1) 6 sc into magic ring (6)
2) 6 x Inc (12)
3-4) sc all around (12), don´t fasten off, you will join two parts together

Make the joining into next stitch of the end of the first part

You´ll have a new beginning of the row: hide the yarn tail by doing so: do your stitches over the yarn tail, by doing so, you don´t have to hide the yarn afterwards.

1) Make 12 sc on the first part and then 12 sc on the other part of the heart (24):
under both loops, there will be a little hole between two parts, we´ll come back later to close it up.

I use yarn as a stitch marker of a new row.

2) 5 sc, Invdec, 10 sc, Invdec, 5 sc

3) 4 sc, Invdec, 9 sc, Invdec, 5 sc

4) 4 sc, Invdec, 8 sc, Invdec, 4 sc, stuff

5) 4 sc, Invdec, 7 sc, Invdec, 3 sc

6) 3 sc, Invdec, 6 sc, Invdec, 3 sc, from now on, try to stuff after every new row

7) 3 sc, Invdec, 5 sc, Invdec, 2 sc

8) 2 sc, Invdec, 4 sc, Invdec, 2 sc

Two rows before the finishing up:

9) 2 sc, Invdec, 3 sc, Invdec, 1 sc

10) 1 sc, Invdec, 1 leave a length of yarn for "neat finish" and closing up the hole. For a "neat finish": pick up all the sc left, one by one with the yarn needle and pull them together to have a neat and proper finish.

And also close up the hole:

Well done, your cute little heart is ready!

Make a nice bunch of hearts. Personally, I like the green one. In some disciplines, green is the color of heart :)


  1. Your little hearts are lovely. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Glad I found this cute little pattern. Will be making these for my daughter's classsroom. She is a 2nd grade teacher. Thank you

  3. Thanks for this tutorial! Super cute! I love your patterns!
    Vicki (I linked to this in my blog

  4. I´m glad you named it a no stress project :)

  5. A little help, please? After the magic circle do I chain one before begin the 2nd round, increasing to 12? After every round do I chain one or just keep going with a stitch marker?

    1. Hi, no extra chain sts. you´ll go directly to the next row - like you said, you´ll go with the st. marker

  6. Awww thank you for the pattern, I'm going to make them into a cot mobile for my granddaughter x

  7. Thank you very much! 😊😍❤

  8. I made your cute heart. could you tell me what ' NB! ' stands for in the pattern. thank you. :)

    1. Thank you! NB! Nota Bene - Please Note - under both loops, nothing else :)

  9. Thanks such such a great pattern. I extended one of the halves by 4 rounds before joining, and sewed two hearts together to make antlers for my ami reindeer. I used #10 thread and a 1.50mm hook. They look so cute.

    1. Hello Cathy! Thank you for your feedback. What a great idea - amigurumi heart is always a nice addition to other amis :)