Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lucas the Teddy Bear Pattern: New Teddy Bear Friends

Amigurumi Patterns: My Lucas the Teddy Bear got New Friends.

One day I felt like doing my very dearest Teddy Bear again. Another reason is a yarn mentioned in my pattern which is discontinued. It was a great yarn called Austermann, Bambou Soft. New teddy bears, did two natural white ones, are made with Austermann Alpaca Silk, also used here: My Neighbor Totoro 
In my original pattern I used 2mm crochet hook, here 2,5mm crochet hook. My attention was to show that´s there´s really no big difference using various yarns and crochet hooks. Design won´t change, teddy bear will come out smaller or a bit bigger, softer or stronger etc. just take the yarn and hook you are used to work with. I know it´s a safe choice to take the yarn the pattern is calling for, but there´s really no need to worry if you can´t get the exact yarn. This yarn contains 80% Alpaca and 20% silk, just brilliant for my taste. I hope you like them too! And one more thing. I´ve always liked minimalistic and classical style, but there are dozens of ways to decorate your teddy, paws, color change, ribbons, clothes etc.

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