Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cute Crochet Amigurumi Halloween and a Free Last Minute Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Halloween is getting closer. I like all cute and kawaii. It also includes Halloween. 
My Halloween set - up for this year on photos. 

It´s a season worth celebrating with handmade stuff, for example you could make a lovely bunch of little amigurumi crochet pumpkins and set up a scene with all those lovely colors. I also place real pumpkins, of course, there´s all shapes and sizes and what colors, OMG! (carved pumpkins to come) and my dear fuchsia is also taking part in this scene (in it´s autumn colors). We had the first snow as well in Estonia. 

Click on the pics to see large photos!

This is the smallest pumpkin I´ve even made. I made it look like a real pumpkin with just a small touch of artist´s acrylic paint.

If you have an hour or so to spare and you´d like to make a quick DIY Pumpkin, I´ll give you a pattern for an Amigurumi Crochet Pumpkin – Works up really quickly and is fun to make.

You´ll need 2mm or 2,5mm crochet hook
DK or Fingering weight yarn (all shades of orange, even with a touch of brown and yellow). Some yarn for a stalk, something greyish.
Tapestry needle and here we go:

1) 6 sts. into magic ring (6)
2) 6 x Inc (12)
3) [Inc + 1 sc] all around (18)
4) [Inc + 2 sc] all around (24)
5) [Inc + 3 sc] all around (30)
6) [Inc + 4 sc] all around (36)
7-11) sc all around (36)
12) [Invdec + 4 sc] all around (30)
13) [Invdec + 3 sc] all around (24)
14) [Invdec + 2 sc] all around (18)
Do the medium stuffing
15) [Invdec + 1 sc] all around (12)
16) Invdec all around (6)

sc- single crochet
Inc- 2 single crochet into one
Invdec - invisible decreasing - 2 single crochet together. 

Make a „neat finish“ Have a look how to do it in here: finishing up an amigurumi piece, leave at least 30 cm of yarn to continue:
Video tutorial can be found here: crochet pumpkin - giving shape
And you see me crocheting a pumpkin in two short videos:
Tiny amigurumi pumpkin, part 2

Sew through the middle of the ball 

 and go around to the bottom again, 

and right through the ball again. Tighten it a bit. 

Go all the way round for a total of 4 times. Make a knot, hide the yarn

Start making the stalk

You can leave a st. undone here and there

Hide the yarn like this´ll have a lovely curved stalk

If you want a lovely Kawaii Crochet Pumpkin, then follow the pattern, but place eyes instead and there´s no need to tighten the pumpkin with the yarn. And that´s it. Add some pink cheeks and little mouse to make it look like a kawaii:)


Happy Halloween!

Happy Crocheting!

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