Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hope the Bunny - a bit more of this crochet pattern

New Crochet Bunny Pattern

One new crochet design has been published. Hope The Bunny on Etsy and Hope the Bunny on Ravelry. Hope has been tested by 5 crocheters across the globe, as well as edited by a technical editor. 

Hope took a bit longer than I anticipated and gave me a bit of grief (like seen on the photo, constant "dialogue") but I´m really pleased with the outcome. 
Constant "dialogue" between me and Hope while designing.

This crochet pattern is easy to follow, including 28 pages with photos. In addition, the pattern also includes the tutorial for the vest. You may also find some helpful videos in my crochet video tutorials 

And what´s that thing with bunny´s tails? There´s definitely something. When kids are looking at my ready-made toys, they make sure there´s a tail. 

 And then those buttons, some of which are over 30 years old. 

a) Add a button loop with some ch sts (3-5, depending on the size of your button). Then you can button and unbutton your bunny´s vest or

b) You could sew on a snap-button or a fine ribbon to tie the two parts together.  

The crochet design progress on photos:

I mentioned in my previous post that designing simple things may be actually the hardest. I want to share some of the photos. Only a few to describe the process of crochet designing. They aren´t neat but will definitely show you the work behind designing Hope.

And some photos of the „real“ beginning.

At my desk. 

And now the question, why I called the design Hope? We all need love, faith, and hope, and when I started designing this crochet bunny, I knew I was going to do something new and full of challenges – Only thing I had was the drawing. I also had to find a new technical editor. Name Hope, this 4 letter name just popped into my head. Hope you also like Hope! 


  1. Your little bunnies are so cute. Nice to see how you are making them with their cute ears and little cardigan.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. Hi! I love Hope. I am starting to make her vest. I don't understand the start... could you help me out?

    1. yes, sure, could you send me an e-mail, I´ll reply :)