Monday, June 10, 2013

Amigurumi Bunny Brooch Pattern and a free gift bag pattern

I´m so happy to present my Bunny Brooch Pattern. I have made several brooches over the years and now, as promised, Bunny Brooch Pattern is available in my Etsy Shop: TinyAmigurumi
8 pieces and a bit patience :) and you´ll have a lovely Bunny as brooch - DIY Animal Yewerly Brooch.
Size with ears: 7 cm/2,8 inc when 2mm crochet hook is used and suggested yarns: Camilla, Madame Tricote, Hanna Cable, G-B Wolle.
If you use a bigger crochet hook size, you will have a little amigurumi bunny toy.
I made a little ceramic button as well. 6mm safety eyes were used. 
Pattern comes with 35 photos on 22 pages.

Free Crochet Bag Pattern tutorial as well to have a perfect gift to someone SPECIAL!

And a Special Thanks goes to Amanda for testing and helping me a lot! Her version:

And one more time my bunny brooches, made some years ago: I just really do like this photo


  1. Very very sweet..... :D Love your little bunny

  2. que gracioso y que pequeñito que son, besosss