Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Crochet Gift Bag Pattern to go with Bunny Brooch Pattern

I´m happy to present a Free Crochet Gift Bag Pattern (drawstring bag)with photos. You can use it for little handmade toys. It is made to go with the Amigurumi Bunny Brooch Pattern. If you use this pattern on your site or blog please refer to this post as well. Thank You. Happy to have comments and photos of your gift bags
Materials used: Madame Tricote, SAMANTA (23% viscose, 77% cotton)
Crohet hook size: 1,5mm (metric) /USA 7/ UK 2,5
dc: double crochet
sc: single crochet
ch: chain


Make a "magic ring" with 8 sc and join. 

Row 2) 1 x dc, 1 x ch, repeat 8 times total, join with a slip stitch

Row 3) 3 x sc in every chain st space.  Join with a slip stitch (24 sc total)
Row 4) 1 x dc, 1 x ch,  repeat in every stitch. Join with a slip stitch (24 dc st and 24 ch)

Row 5) 3 sc in every chain st space and join with the sl. st. (72 sc total) 

5th row is done.

Row 6) 1 x sl. st,  [1 x sc, 3 x ch, skip 2 stitches], repeat around. Join with slip stitch (24 little chains total)

Row 7) 3 x sc in every chain st space. Join with slip stitch. (72 sc total)
Repeat rows 6-7 as many times as needed to get the depth you desire for your bag.


For the final row, make 1 x sc in  the chain st. space... 

...3 x chain, 1 sc in the same chain st space ...

Hide the end of the yarn.

Use ribbon to make a drawstring!

You can use some beads or a wooden crochet bead to have the final result.
I crocheted one wooden bead.


  1. Bellissima idea e grazie x il tutorial. Presto lo farò anch' io

  2. Love it! Thank you for this tutorial!

  3. Hey

    I used your pattern and posted the result on my blog and linked your website. Maybe you like checking it out:

    Greets from Germany