Monday, August 4, 2014

New Pattern is out: Amigurumi Elephant Pattern - Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Amigurumi Elephant Pattern:

Once, two years ago I saw somewhere an elephant cushion, sewn, which I liked a lot. I wanted to crochet one with legs, trunk and a body in the same piece. One dream came true :) I made a new design, how to make an simple but cute elephant. It´s always a bit tricky if you want to make simple design. It seems to me that simple designs are always harder to create but I like them the most. Like my Amigurumi Snail Pattern. I like the saying: Less is more. My goal is to give you the basic but very detailed pattern with lots of photos (20 photos to help you). You can always change colours and make your own effects to your very special elephant.
This crochet elephant can be also a cushion if you use bigger hook size and embroidered eyes.
You could create a lovely family with the same pattern but different hook size used.

I used Katia Bamboo and 2 mm crochet hook, 6mm black safety eyes for the bigger one (still fits in my hand) :)
Lana Gatto Bambu and 2 mm crochet hook, 6mm black safety eyes for medium size (blue one on the photo)
and Batik Design Alize Bamboo Fine 1,5 mm crochet hook, 6mm black safety eyes for the tiny one.
You´ll find this pattern in my Etsy shop: TinyAmigurumi
All comments and feedback are always welcome. Enjoy and send me photos: