Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meanwhile: Scarves, Baby toys and Amigurumi Kitty

Working on different things at the moment, some of these:

New Amigurumi design: Kitty

Trying something new... A cat, let´s see what´s coming out of this :) I really like the yarn: Bamboo yarn, soft and cuddly. Will be back with this one quite soon with more... 
Good news is that while making other things like scarves and some knitting, I just felt the need to make some new toys - this is my "FIRST" love - just can´t keep myself away from making toys and toy designs. It´s good to do something else or to see something else, to be away, but it´s always nice to come back. 

Crochet scarves:

Scarves, making many of them, 4 at the moment. I have the feeling that a scarf or a shawl is more (or I want it to be more) than just a scarf, I want it to be an accessory :) Yarn quality is important. Yes they tend to be rather expensive, but if you give your time for something then using good quality materilas makes all the difference. I´ve made all my amigurumi designs with 2mm crochet hook (very small for a lot of people), but with these scarves I used even 12mm crochet hook :), haven´t used a crochet hook bigger than 2mm for years, but with my toy designs you can always use bigger crochet hook as well according to the yarn you are using.

Simple baby toys:

Small children like simple things. I made some toys with wooden ring.

So, it´s autumn here in Estonia. Hopefully will be back with more quite soon. Thank you for visiting.

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