Friday, November 10, 2017

Hand Painted Safety Eyes, 12mm and 18mm, Eyes for Amigurumi Animals

Hand Painted Safety Eyes for Amigurumi Animals

I like to hand paint safety eyes for toys. This time, I also used glitter on most safety eyes. These eyes are great for handmade creations, amigurumi, stuffed toys, for dolls. I create these safety eyes mostly for people who want something else for their creations. 
Quite many of those safety eyes are unique pairs, there´s no exact pair of eyes. Some photos of this weeks work. Now some hand painted safety eye sets for amigurumi toys can be found in my Etsy Shop: TinyAmigurumi

 Click to see a large photo 

 Pink with pearl effect

 Eyes with reflection effect, custom order

there´s like a universe in those blue glitter eyes

 12mm every pair is different

12mm every pair is different


  1. Holy cow! I've bought some eyes to use before, but never realized that you could paint them. They look so great! Ready to give any little creature personality!

    1. Vicky, thank you! They give personality, correct :)