Thursday, September 17, 2020

Teddy Bears - Expressing yourself through crochet

 Amigurumi Teddy Bears 

Welcome on board! 

Photos of teddy bears to brighten up your day. 

All made with the design: Teddy Marta
Making process in my previous post: making teddy bears

Amigurumi toys are one way to express my creativity. I have been making amigurumi toys on and off for 10 years. It has become more a form of art. Yarn is a medium. I have hand-painted all the safety eyes for these amigurumi teddy bear toys. I painted a lot, now concentrating more on designing. This is something I am signed up for. I live to create with my hook, my hands, my imagination, that sometimes makes my brain hurt - there´s so much inside. Won´t deny it anymore. If something is worth doing, do it! If I win somebody else also wins. If I create, somebody else can also create, following patterns, and making crocheted toys. It is not just crochet you discover a lot of things about you: everything really: what drives you, what´s easy for you, what´s difficult, colors, emotions, shapes etc. You can actually make a physical object - for me, it´s important in nowadays world. So just print out the pattern and disconnect :):)

Let the toys speak instead

You may also find this pattern in my Ravelry shop
also can be found in Teddy Marta

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